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Chinese Journal of Materials Research  2020, Vol. 34 Issue (11): 868-874    DOI: 10.11901/1005.3093.2020.269
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Effect of Molybdenum Content on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of CoCrFeNiMo High Entropy Alloy
LIU Qian1(), WANG Xinyang1, HUANG Yanbin1, XIE Lu2, XU Quan3, LI Linhu1
1.Army Academy of Armored Forces, Equipment Support and Remanufacturing Department, Beijing 100072, China
2.University of Science & Technology Beijing, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing 100083, China
3.China Satellite Maritime Measurement and Control Department, Jiangyin 214431, China
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High entropy alloys have been extensively paid attention in the coating industry due to their excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. CoCrFeNiMox high-entropy alloy coatings were prepared on the surface of Q235 steel by laser cladding with synchronous powder feeding. The microstructure, microhardness and corrosion resistance of the coatings were studied. The corrosion mechanism of the alloys was analyzed and the strengthening mechanism of their corrosion resistance was revealed combined with the first-principle calculation. The results show that CoCrFeNiMo0.1 and CoCrFeNiMo0.2 are composed of the fcc phase. The fcc phase and tetragonal CrMo phase are both observed in the CoCrFeNiMo0.3 high-entropy alloy layer. The microstructure of the alloys is composed of dendrites. Cr and Mo elements are enriched in the interdendritic, and Co and Fe elements are enriched in the dendrites. CoCrFeNiMox high-entropy alloys have excellent comprehensive corrosion resistance in 3.5% (mass fraction) NaCl solution. As the content of Mo increases, the corrosion potential shifts to more positive potentials, the corrosion current density decreases, the length of polarization region increases, the impedance arc radius increases, and the electrode reaction resistance increases. It is found via the first-principle calculation that the higher corrosion resistance of the coating is related to its dense passivation film.

Key words:  metallic materials      corrosion resistance      first principle      high entropy alloy      laser cladding coating     
Received:  02 July 2020     
ZTFLH:  TG131  
Corresponding Authors:  LIU Qian     E-mail:  lq717460@163.con

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LIU Qian, WANG Xinyang, HUANG Yanbin, XIE Lu, XU Quan, LI Linhu. Effect of Molybdenum Content on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of CoCrFeNiMo High Entropy Alloy. Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 2020, 34(11): 868-874.

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Fig.1  XRD patterns of CoCrFeNiMox high entropy alloy coatings
Fig.2  Microstructures of CoCrFeNiMoxlaser cladding coatings (a) Mo1, (b) Mo2, (c) Mo3


































































Table 1  Element distributions in the different regions of CoCrFeNiMoxlaser cladding coatings (atomic fraction, %)
Fig.3  Polarization curves of CoCrFeNiMox high entropy alloy coatings in 3.5% NaCl solution.
AlloyIcorr /A·cm-2Ecorr /VE /V
Table 2  Electrochemical parameters of three high-entropy alloy coatings
Fig.4  Impedance spectra of CoCrFeNiMox(x=0.1, 0.3) coatings in 3.5% NaCl solution (a) impedance spectrum of coatings; (b) impedance spectrum fitting of coatings; (c, d) Bode diagram of coatings
Fig.5  Equivalent circuit diagram of EIS of the high-entropy alloy coatings
Table 3  Fitting parameters of EIS of two high-entropy alloy coatings
Position in passive filmAdsorption energy of Cl-Diffusion energy of Cl-
Interface of Cr2O3/MoO3Region a0.790.49
Region b0.370.26
Region c0.960.57
Interface of Cr2O3/Nb2O5Region a0.780.48
Region b0.230.18
Region c0.660.38
Table 4  Adsorption energy and diffusion energy of Cl- in the passive film formed on CoCrFeNiMo high-entropy alloy (eV)
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