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Chin J Mater Res  2009, Vol. 23 Issue (4): 337-342    DOI:
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Molecular dynamics simulation of  β--SiC nanowire under uniaxial tension
HAN Tongwei 1;2;   HE Pengfei 1;   WANG Jian 2;  ZHENG Bailin 1
1.School of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics; Tongji University; Shanghai 200092; China
2.The Queen's University of Belfast Belfast UK BT9 5AH
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HAN Tongwei HE Pengfei WANG Jian ZHENG Bailin. Molecular dynamics simulation of  β--SiC nanowire under uniaxial tension. Chin J Mater Res, 2009, 23(4): 337-342.

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The tension mechanical properties of the [001]  β--SiC nanowires with different cross--sections were investigated using molecular dynamics simulation with Tersoff bond--order interatomic potential. The stress--strain curves were obtained and analyzed in order to elucidate the scale effect on the mechanical properties of the nanowires. The simulation results show that the  β--SiC nanowires exhibit large plastic deformation for at least 11% under axial strain at room temperature, which is rarely observed for their macro counterparts
especially at low temperature. It is also found that the influence of the cross section size of the nanowires on the mechanical properties is remarkable; with increasing of the size the tensile strength and Young's modulus of the nanowires increase.

Key words:  foundational discipline in materials science      tension mechanical properties      molecular dynamics      β--SiC      scale effects      nanowire     
Received:  18 December 2008     




Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China No.10472084.

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