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Chinese Journal of Materials Research  2017, Vol. 31 Issue (7): 502-510    DOI: 10.11901/1005.3093.2016.640
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Structure and Thermal Performances of Paraffin/Diatomite Form-stable Phase Change Materials
Sixie ZHAO, Hua YAN(), Yuntao LI, Hongtao WANG, Zhide HU
Department of Chemistry and Material Engineering, Logistic Engineering University, Chongqing 401311, China
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The paraffin/diatomite form-stable phase change materials(PA/D-PCMs) was prepared by using solvent evaporation, diatomite as carrier and paraffin as phase change materials. The microstructure and thermal properties of PA/D-PCMs were characterized by SEM、FT-IR、DSC and TGA respectively. The results show that: Leakage of melting paraffin was hindered through both the hydrogen bonding and the capillary force of the pores of diatomite, hence PA/D-PCMs put up excellent thermal stability. At the same time, secondary pores of diatomite can restrict partial paraffin crystallization, crystallinity of which would be affected. In interior of diatomite there were a few conduction channels with intercommunication, which can enhance thermal conductivity of paraffin and accelerate paraffin heat storage and release. With increase of the paraffin content phonon scattering effect would become more fierce in X, Y and Z axis thermal conduction channel of PA/D-PCMs, so thermal conductivity of PA/D-PCMs diminish, but owning higher latent heat and crystallinity. In order to ensure PA/D-PCMs structure stable and have good thermal properties simultaneously, optimal paraffin fraction in the composite is 45%.

Key words:  material science      diatomite      paraffin/diatomite form-stable phase change materials      microstructure      crystallinity      thermal properties     
Received:  25 November 2016     
ZTFLH:  TQ314  
Fund: Supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China (No. 51272283)

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Sixie ZHAO, Hua YAN, Yuntao LI, Hongtao WANG, Zhide HU. Structure and Thermal Performances of Paraffin/Diatomite Form-stable Phase Change Materials. Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 2017, 31(7): 502-510.

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Fig.1  Experimental apparatus of investigating curves of melting and frozen
Fig.2  Schematic plot for thermal conductivity test (a) and hotdisk probe (b)
Fig.3  Contact angles of DI-CA (a) and D3 (b)
Fig.4  SEM of DI-CP、DI-CA and PA/D-PCMs (a) DI-CP×2.7k, (b) DI-CP×5k, (c) DI-CA×2.3k, (d) DI-CA×5k, (e) PA/D-PCMs×2.7k, (f) PA/D-PCMs×5k
Fig.5  FT-IR spectra of PA、DI and PA/D-PCMs
Fig.6  External properties of sample at 20℃(a) and external properties of sample after heat leaching experiment (b)
  Fig.7 curve of weight loss ratio (a) and curve of weight loss rate (b)
Fig.8  DSC curve of PA/D-PCMs
Code Tonset/℃ Tpeak/℃ Tend/℃ ΔHD/Jg-1 ΔHT/Jg-1 Crystallinity/%
PA 50.5 61.5 66.5 212.9 212.9 -
D1 50.1 60.5 65.0 63.6 74.2 85.71
D2 50.0 60.1 64.8 75.8 85.1 89.07
D3 49.8 59.5 64.5 91.5 95.5 95.81
D4 50.3 59.4 64.3 96.8 104.3 92.76
Table 1  Melting temperature and latent heat of PA and PA/D-PCMs
Fig.9  Melting and frozen curves of D1、D3 and PA
Fig.10  Thermal conductivity of PA and PA/D-PCMs
Fig.11  Schematic of thermal conduction of diatomite (a) the state of diatomite and paraffin in the PA/D-PCMs; (b) thermal conduction on the X-Y plate; (c) thermal conduction on the Z axis direction
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