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Chinese Journal of Materials Research  2022, Vol. 36 Issue (9): 687-698    DOI: 10.11901/1005.3093.2021.466
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Preparation and Properties of Near-infrared Reflective Superhydrophobic Yellow Coating
CHENG Hongjie, LIU Huangjuan, JIANG Ting, WANG Fajun(), LI Wen
School of Materials Engineering, Jiangsu University of Technology, Changzhou 213001, China
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CHENG Hongjie, LIU Huangjuan, JIANG Ting, WANG Fajun, LI Wen. Preparation and Properties of Near-infrared Reflective Superhydrophobic Yellow Coating. Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 2022, 36(9): 687-698.

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The superhydrophobic yellow coating was prepared by mixing titanium chromium brown powder (TCB), rutile titanium dioxide (TiO2), hydrophobic nano silica (SiO2) with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) solution and brush coating by one step. The surface wettability, hydrophobic stability, ultraviolet light aging resistance, self-cleaning performance and near-infrared reflection performance of the coating were systematically investigated. The results show that the water contact angle (CA) and roll angle (SA) of the coating are 155.2° and 5.4°, respectively; the coating retains excellent hydrophobicity after sandpaper wear at a distance of 2 m by 1.0 kPa and water impact at a distance of 5 L, meanwhile its adhesion and hardness reach grade 2 and 6B, respectively; the coating surface presents superhydrophobic effect and have chemical stability in solutions of different pH; The coating surface still retains strong hydrophobicity after ultraviolet light irradiation for 240 h, indicating that it has UV aging resistance; the coating surface has excellent self-cleaning performance, and the pollutants are easily carried away by water droplets; the near-infrared reflectance and solar reflectance of the coating are 0.858 and 0.672, respectively. The coating has obvious cooling effect on the ordinary cement board, and still maintains a high reflectance after outdoor exposure and water impact.

Key words:  surface and interface of materials      super hydrophobic coating      polydimethylsiloxane      Near infrared reflection      robust superhydrophobicity      self-cleaning     
Received:  16 August 2021     
ZTFLH:  TB34  
Fund: Natural Science Foundation of China(51801083);Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(BK20181044)
About author:  WANG Fajun, Tel: (0519)86953280, E-mail:

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Fig.1  TEM image of the hydrophobic nano-SiO2 particles
Fig.2  SEM images of different coatings (a1-a3) IOY/PDMS, (b1-b3) TCB/PDMS, (c1-c3) TiO2/PDMS and (d1-d3) TCB60-TiO240/PDMS
Fig.3  Surface wettability of TCB60-TiO240/PDMS coating (a) without hydrophobic nano-SiO2 and (b) containing hydrophobic nano-SiO2
Fig.4  Schematic diagram of TCB60-TiO240/PDMS coating surface
Fig.5  Schematic diagram of the mechanical robustness test (a), CAs and SAs of the coating surface during abrasion cycles test (b), schematic diagram of water flow impact test (c) and CAs and SAs of the coating surface during water flow shock cycles (d)
Fig.6  SEM images of TCB60-TiO240/PDMS coating after one (a, b) and 10 times of sandpaper wear (c, d)
Fig.7  Schematic diagram of adhesion test (a), surface wettability after adhesion test and test results (b~d), schematic diagram of hardness test (e) and hardness test results (f)
Fig.8  Surface wettability in HCl solutions with pH=1,in NaCl solutions with pH=7 and in NaOH solutions with pH=14 (a) 0 h and (b) 3 h; (c) CAs and SAs
Fig.9  Value of surface CAs and SAs of coating in the UV irradiation cycles (a) SEM image of coating surface irradiated for 0 h (b) and SEM image of coating surface irradiated for 240 h (c)
Fig.10  Peeling ratio of different substrate coatings after 10 times of sandpaper wear (a) and CAs and SAs of different substrate coatings after 240 h UV irradiation (b)
Fig.11  Spectral reflective curves of different coatings (a), effect of outdoor sunlight exposure time on the surface temperature of various coatings (b), Spectral reflection curve of TCB60-TiO240 /PDMS coating with different storage time (c) and NIR and SOLAR reflectance (d) during water flow shock cycles
Table 2  These coatings measured spectral and solar reflectance values
Number of layers



Table 3  Spectral reflectance and solar reflectance values of different TCB60-TiO240 /PDMS coating thickness
Fig.12  Picture of coating by regular camera (a) and infrared camera(b)
Fig.13  Self-cleaning effect of the TCB60-TiO240/PDMS coating
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